A Devotional on Living a Spirit-Filled Life

If you’ve ever shared the Holy Spirit booklet (Satisfied?) then you know why we created Thirsty.

There are at least a half-dozen concepts (abiding, lordship, confession, reliance, empowerment, etc.) that are introduced but not developed or fully explained within the booklet. From Confession to Lordship, the Spirit Filled Life is a matrix of many spiritual principles all of which cannot be, nor were designed to be, addressed in a single booklet or presentation.

Thirsty is a two-week devotional that expands and develops on all the concepts of the Spirit Filled Life, devoting a day’s lesson and reflection to each principle. The 14 daily devotions are divided into three sections:

Section One: Person of the Spirit, Indwelling of the Spirit, Eternal Security, Empowerment of the Spirit.
Section Two: Walking in the Spirit, Abiding in the Spirit, Being Led by the Spirit, Worship in the Spirit, Expectancy and Humility.
Section Three: Power to Witness, Power for Holiness, Power to Serve, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

About the Author

About the Author

Rick James graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Fine Arts and worked as a writer and art director at Young & Rubicam, an advertising agency in New York City. Leaving Madison Avenue in 1988, Rick and his wife Katie joined the staff of Cru where he has served as Campus Director at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and for many years as Regional Director for the campus ministries of the Mid-Atlantic.

Rick currently serves as Publisher of CruPress and is responsible for writing and producing ministry resources for the Campus Ministry. Rick is also a traveling speaker for Cru, speaking on campuses and at conferences across the U.S.

Rick and Katie have three adult children and live in West Chester, PA.


Product Details:

  •  7.25 x 7.5
  • Soft cover
  • Full color
  • Illustrated
  • 68 pages

Ministry Use:

As a part of personal discipleship, after sharing the Satisfied? booklet. This content is also ideal for use on Summer Projects


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