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Fighting for communal faith in an individual age

Community is not simply another ministry activity; it is the context for all ministry activities. It is the environment in which spiritual growth takes place. And since community is central to our model for spiritual growth, a few planned socials are not going to get the job done. We needed a resource to elevate community, encourage it, and teach it.

Will Walker’s book is probably the best apologetic written for why community is the matrix for spiritual growth. But the content goes well beyond theological reasoning, providing extremely practical how’s and why’s for living out our faith in community. Through excellent writing and reasoning, personal examples and stories, the book creates a hunger and desire for communal living.

Content of Book: Why We Pursue Independence; Why We Need Community; Repentance; Community and the Word-Communal Quiet Times, Community and Confession; Group Prayer; Godly Speech and Conversation, and A
Commitment to Live Communally.

About the Author

About the Author

After serving on staff with Cru at the University of Texas, Will served as an Associate Pastor in Omaha and is now the Lead Pastor at Providence Church in Austin. Will and Debbie have two sons.


Product Details:

  • Devotional Size 5.25 x 8.25
  • Softcover
  • 176 pages

Ministry Use:

This is the Campus Ministry's resource for addressing community. It is actually a community building strategy-simply give out copies to core students and ministry leaders. Wherever this book has circulated students develop a passion for community, and then eagerly engage in creating it.


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