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A Creative Resource for Small Group Leaders

By Laura Krokos

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Is your Small Group really connecting? Is it a Group with a purpose? A Group going someplace?

These deeper connections are critical to a Small Group and creating them is a formidable challenge. So here is a resource—creative ideas and content—to help your Small Group make those connections: Connecting with God, Connecting with Scripture, Connecting with the Mission, and Connecting with One Another.

Many times when a Bible study is over it can seem like getting into God’s Word was great but the group didn’t really connect with each other, didn’t grow in a heart for prayer, or for reaching the world for Christ.

Beyond Bible Study, it takes intentionality to help group members connect with God, each other, and the Great Commission in a deep and meaningful way. The Connect Cards provide training, questions and ideas to ensure each of these elements are present each week to make not only a deep and meaningful group but also an influential one.

For me, the connect cards were an easy way to incorporate training, prayer and community into my small group Bible study. They are well thought out, great commission oriented, and provide a way to take your small group to the next level without hours of extra preparation!” -Jesse Denison, Campus Director


Product Details:

46 color playing cards with instructions.

4 categories: Connect with God, Connect with Scripture, Connect with Mission, and Connect with One Another.

Each card provides roughly 15 minutes of creative engagement.

ISBN: 1-57334-098-7

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