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SEERS, SAYERS, SCHEMERS & SAINTS: Lessons on Leadership from Overlooked Men and Women of the Bible

by Dave Dishman

Seers, Sayers, Schemers and Saints looks at leaders in the Bible: good leaders, bad leaders, and everything in between. God has given us these stories of real men and women who were called upon to step up and lead, and reflecting on what they did-or did not do-and how they went about doing it, is an invaluable study and exercise for anyone in any capacity leading God’s people.


About the Author

About the Author

Dave Dishman has served on the staff of Cru for over thirty years and currently serves as the National Innovation Director for Global Missions. He lives in Colorado and can be found online at gototheendsoftheearth.com


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2-color interior

5.25 x 8

130 pages

Ministry Use:

A great strength of our ministry is providing unprecedented opportunities for growing Christians to take on ministry leadership, leadership that typically involves shepherding a team in relationally demanding, faith-stretching situations in cities, countries and campuses all over the world. By any measurement these are not easy assignments, and Seers, Sayers, Schemers and Saints was written as a resource for anyone leading in a ministry context, whether that's a prayer leader, Bible study leader or a team leader on a mission or project.