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Putting Together the Pieces: How to make Sense of the Old Testament

by Brian M. Williams

So what’s new about the new covenant? Two enormous barriers stand between us and understanding our Bible: The first is understanding how all of the genres, authors, covenants, oracles, and events of the Old Testament fit together as a whole; the second is understanding how all of these things fit together with the New Testament, so that together they tell one story. The answer is in Putting Together the Pieces, centered around the interpretive key that solves both puzzles: Jesus Christ
Putting Together the Pieces is a companion to One Story: How All of Scripture Points to Christ. Together, they are meant to help you read, study, and understand the Bible.

About the Author

About the Author

Brian Williams is a PhD candidate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, focusing in the area of Philosophy of Religion. His research centers on C. S. Lewis’s view of reality and the human imagination for the work of pre-evangelism. He is published in <em>The Journal of Inklings Studies</em>, the leading academic journal on the works of C. S. Lewis. In addition to pastoring churches in North Carolina, Brian teaches History of Ideas at the College of Southeastern in Wake Forest, NC.


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ISBN: 978-1-57334-120-2

Page count: 215 pages

Format: Softcover, , 2-color interior, includes maps and diagrams, 5.25 x 8.5


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