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A 28-Day Devotional: Discovering God’s Heart for the Nations
Edited by Allyson Davies Moody and Shane Sebastian

Whether you’re just discovering what the Great Commission is all about, getting prepared to go on mission, or maybe need to be reminded of God’s heart for all peoples, Packed is a worthy investment of 28 days. It’s easy to forget we didn’t invent the Great Commission and that missions isn’t our plan, our idea. It’s easy to forget that loving and caring for the people of the world is not intrinsic to fallen humanity. Packed is a reminder of whose mission and whose heart sends us out into the world.

From Genesis to Revelation, God’s Word is full of evidence of His heart for the nations. Through Packed: Discovering God’s Heart for the Nations, you have the opportunity to walk through an exciting 28-day journey that explores what the Bible says about God’s heart for every people group. This devotional is the collaboration of fifteen different men and women who represent various ministry focuses and different cultural backgrounds. It’s a beautiful picture viewing the Great Commission through their eyes.

While the devotional is for anyone, any time, if you’re even thinking about ministry or short-term missions, do yourself a favor and take these 28 days to prepare your heart. Packed is also a perfect pairing with the book, This Change is Everything, by Shane Sebastian, also available in the Cru Store.

About the Author

About the Author

SHANE SEBASTIAN is the executive director of Cru Global Missions. His doctorate is from George Fox Evangelical Seminary and for the last 25 years Shane has ministered alongside college students from around the world, taking the gospel to the nations. He loves to surf, especially with his wife Laura and their four children. For more information visit http://thischangeiseverything.com.


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  • Published by Cru Press,
  • Softcover, 128 pages,
  • 4.6 x 7.10
  • ISBN: 1-57334-113-4 .

Ministry Use:

Packed is a daily devotional that focuses on God’s heart for the world. It’s for those just learning about the Great Commission, those preparing to go on mission, and those already serving as Christ’s ambassadors somewhere in the kingdom.