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This is the newly designed campus version of the Four Spiritual Laws, the staple of campus ministry for nearly 60 years. In this version the focus is on four spiritual principles (rather than laws) for establishing a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The text, Dr. Bright’s last iteration, remains the same but the look is a total facelift, everything refreshed and redesigned by CruPress.

Blurred imagery of people makes the booklet personal, yet abstract enough to use with any audience.





Product Details:

Two different formats to choose from:


Booklet version:

Look Inside
Premium 5-color printing (Full color plus metallic ink)
18 pages
ISBN 1-57334-086-3
Wrapped 10 to a package

Folding Version:

Look Inside

Premium 5-color printing (Full color plus metallic ink)
1 page
ISBN 1-57334-089-8
Wrapped 10 to a package

Ministry Use:

Knowing God Personally is the standard ministry tool for communicating the gospel message.


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