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By Rick James
This is the first of the Cru Press Community studies covering the entire New Testament book of James in eight Bible studies. Each study covers a major theme of the book such as temptations, trials, faith, humility, taming the tongue, and more. It also contains additional Bible studies and content from what currently exists in the online version in The Community. The James study begins with an overview of the letter as a whole. Then, printed in the study guide, is the full text of James (NIV). This is followed by the eight Bible studies that begin with a short commentary on the text, followed by discussion questions. Answers to the discussion questions can be found in the back of the study guide.
James: A Cru Press Community Study is bound with a linen cover, rounded edges, and a complete NIV version of the book of James. No more need to print out each individual Bible study from online-now you can have them all in one place with space to take notes, underline parts of Scripture, and learn from a single bound attractive resource.


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