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Table of Contents

Section One

Eight Habits of a Highly Effective Disciple

Personal Workshops 1-8


Section Two

What to Expect After Graduation-Articles with Authenticity

Life After Disney World / Shelby Abbott

Right Where You Are / Heather Holleman

Fighting for Relationships in a Digital World / Keri Armentrout

Sorry Not Sorry

Porn, Healing, and Forgiveness / Mark Hough and Kim Hough

Financing the Revolution / Jason Weimer


Section Three

Spiritual Impact in the Marketplace-A Study of Daniel


Section Four

Articles, Briefs, and Reflection Questions

A Theology of Work / Bob Thune

Finding the Will of God / Rick James

The Power of Community / Will Walker

Purity as a Process / Nick DeCola

Changes / Mat Weiss

How to Spend Money / Steve Pogue

On a Spiritual Journey / Keith Davy

In Search of Meaningful Work / Tim Henderson

Setting Off / Betty Blake Churchill


Intransit:  A Guide to Navigating Life After College     

by Shelby Abbott

The transition between college and “the rest world” is one of the most difficult stages in all of life, and doubly so for Christians who must find a new faith community at the same time as they are navigating the challenges of cities, housing, finances, friends, dating, and a secular workplace.

Ironically, this is also the most under-resourced stage of the Christian life, with little or no support for recent graduates from either the church (where they are going) or the campus ministry (from where they’ve been). InTransit is the one resource that stands in that gap and it is totally unique in supporting Christian graduates as they find God’s place for them in work and in the world. The resource, formerly known as InTransition, has been totally redesigned, rewritten and reimagined.

InTransit is divided into four sections. The first is for constructing a personal development plan- Eight Habits of a Highly Effective Disciple. We graduate thinking that we’ll figure out the transition as we go. This is a bad plan because it’s not a plan. Any major changeover properly navigated is the product of both planning and preparation.

In Section Two, you’ll find a series of articles addressing the most pressing issues confronting new graduates as they merge into “real life” and the marketplace. The section following this-a study on the life of Daniel- can be done individually or as a small group. Since Daniel was able to have an enormous impact for God in an entirely secular work environment, there seems to be a lot to be gained in following his example. Finally, in Section Four, there is a collection of articles, briefs, and reflection questions to further process and prepare for the transition ahead.


About the Author

About the Author

The newly redesigned, rewritten, and reimagined <i>Intransit</i> is the editorial labor of Shelby Abbott and the design of Creative One Media


Product Details:

  • Full Color Magazine and Workbook (interior with book cover stock)
  • 160 pages
  • ISBN 1573340634

Ministry Use:

This is the Campus Ministry's primary resource to accomplish the mission of "Sending Laborers." We would hope to see every graduating senior receive a copy. Ideally they would go through the Personal Workshop individually in the fall and go through the Daniel study as a small group in the spring.


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