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The Freedom and Fruitfulness of Surrender to Jesus
By Keith Bubalo

After speaking to thousands of students about following Jesus wherever and however He leads, Keith Bubalo has put these thoughts into a small book to help any Christian understand what it means to live out and live under the lordship of Jesus. It’s also the perfect resource for you to help others who are seeking to do the same.

In seven brief and engaging chapters, Keith Bubalo explains, thought-by- thought, line-by- line, what it means to Pledge: Lord Jesus, I surrender to you … and in the power of your Spirit… I will go where you want me to go…do what you want me to do… say what you want me to say…give what you want me to give…for your honor and glory, Amen.

Go Do Say Give is a biblical explanation of what it means to yield to Jesus as Lord, and experience his power in our lives each day. Yielding our lives to Christ, surrendering everything to Jesus, such phrases call for practical explanation and daily application, which GDSG faithfully provides. At the end of each chapter are questions for personal reflection, one on one mentoring, or small group discussion. As a ministry resource, GDSG transferabley communicates the Lordship of Jesus Christ.


Go Do Say Give puts into focus what it really means to live a life that gives glory to God and accomplishes much for the Kingdom of God.”
TOM LIN, national speaker
President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Go Do Say Give is a book about following God—completely! Keith Bubalo has made that commitment and has had no regrets. I believe God will use what you read to help you make your life count for him.”
STEVE DOUGLASS, author and speaker
President, Cru

Go Do Say Give powerfully inspires readers to fully surrender to Jesus and journey with Him to live extraordinary lives. Keith Bubalo’s engaging and personal book stands as vital discipleship material to teach us how to live what scripture calls the crucified life; readers will study key Bible verses and respond to discussion questions as they make the life-changing decision to go, do, say, and give in the power of the Holy Spirit.”
HEATHER HOLLEMAN, PhD, Faculty Commons
Author, Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison

About the Author

About the Author

FOR OVER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, Keith Bubalo has mobilized students to serve internationally. He is currently the Global Strategy Coordinator for the Jesus Film Project®, a ministry of Cru. He and his wife, Kim, have two children and three adorable grandchildren. He enjoys playing golf and drinking great coffee with friends from around the world. For more information, visit KeithBubalo.com.


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Go, Do, Say, Give is a resource for communicating the Lordship of Christ. Contents of the book correspond to The Pledge that has been signed by thousands of students. At the end of each chapter are questions for personal reflection, one on one mentoring, or small group discussion.