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We want students to do evangelism, but not just because we asked them to, or because others in the ministry are doing it. We want them to develop their own convictions concerning evangelism and we want those convictions to come from Scripture. Ultimately we want them to be passionate about evangelism long after their days on campus are over.

If CoJourners is training on ‘how’ to do evangelism: Getting Biblical teaches ‘why’ we do evangelism. Getting Biblical About Evangelism (GBAE) was intended for the development of students and staff involved in sharing their faith on campus. GBAE is designed as a self-study tool, whose insights can be used for discussion in personal discipleship or small groups.

Built around the Campus Ministry’s Evangelism Model, this study guides the reader through fourteen key passages from the Bible, leading to the discovery of evangelism principles about:

The Master (God’s role); The Masses (The audience); The Messengers; The Message (The gospel); and The Methods.

After exploring all fourteen passages, a concluding section allows the reader to synthesize insights and summarize lessons into a personal biblical philosophy of evangelism.

About the Author

About the Author

Keith Davy is the Executive Director of Research and Development for Cru’s U.S. Campus Ministry. Keith and Nanci have four adult children and live in Orlando, FL.


Product Details:

  • Size 5.5 x 8.5
  • Spiralbound
  • 76 pages

Ministry Use:

Getting Biblical is for helping develop convictions about evangelism. Used in a small group, one passage per week would complete the study in a semester. For Quiet Time use, one passage per day would complete the study in two weeks, with a third week used to summarize insights.


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