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written by Betty Blake Churchill

Contributions by Henry Cloud and Shellie R. Warren

Fantasy is a collection of insights from several contributing writers, about all the stuff women talk about and some they don’t, but should. Sex, dating, relationships, the “m” word (not marriage, the other one), but, of course, we talk about marriage, too, as well as the beautiful people, the need to be in control and how God, Jesus and the Spirit fit into it all.

Like its male counterpart Flesh, the book is divided in three parts. The main section contains over 30 articles by several contributors covering a wide variety of topics related to relationships, sex and sexuality, dating, beauty, being a woman, marriage, and falling in love with Jesus. There is a small-group Bible study because a key part of success in this area of life is finding a group of friends with the same values and perspectives and processing life together. And last, there is a month’s worth of personal devotionals that focus on the heart of Christ.

Unique to this book is its personality. It’s written with a humor and conversational voice that is a rare in Christian books. It is a pleasure to read.

This is a unique and comprehensive resource to challenge college women and twenty-somethings to fall in love as God intended – with Him first.


Product Details:

  • Size 8.75 x 5.75
  • Softcover
  • 192 pages
  • Cru Press
  • ISBN 1563992507

Ministry Use:

At some point during the year, your ministry will-no doubt-address this subject. But a talk or event cannot cover every issue in a single day. So we suggest Flesh (for men) and Fantasy (for women) as the follow-up content to that talk or event. Additionally, we suggest campus Bible studies devote several weeks to the small group content.


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