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Leaving high school marks one of the first major challenges in a young person’s spiritual life. This next stage of their lives is critical. How they handle the following 4-6 years could set the direction for the rest of their lives.

College can be a time of great spiritual growth and impact for Christ, or a time of real personal struggle that will take a long time from which to recover.

College Life 101 is a six-session DVD small group study designed to help adult leaders of college-bound high school students prepare their students for spiritual success in college. The first session clearly lays out the four challenges of the college experience. The remaining five sessions address those challenges and help students to own, live and share their faith on campus.

Session 1 – The College Experience
Session 2 – Own It: Wear Big Shoes
Session 3 – Own It: Be Earthquake Proof
Session 4 – Live It: Don’t Be A Trout
Session 5 – Live It: Find Your Puzzle
Session 6 – Share It: Get in the Game

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Product Details:

College Life 101 includes six, 40-minute video sessions on three DVDs. This series is ideal for small group leaders, youth pastors, Christian high school faculty and home educators. This Leader’s Edition includes a Leader’s Guide, a Student Manual (with Spiritual Aptitude Test personal reflection sections,Fellowship Shopper’s Guide and US Campus Ministries Index) and nine humorous promotional cards to advertise amongst students.

Ministry Use:

Small group discussions about making a successful spiritual transition from high school to college.

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