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Scripture declares that death has been swallowed by life. Death was at the top of the food chain—consuming everything, consumed by nothing. Jesus changed that. Jesus changed everything. Now resurrection sits atop the food chain picking away at death like a vulture.

Jesus’ summation of discipleship is that it’s a path of death not a path to death. The path itself is one of death, but where the path leads is to life, and it’s life that we want, not death.

As a concept, death is much bigger than a funeral, just as love is not reducible to a wedding. The death envisioned in Scripture is not a tombstone, but rather Arlington cemetery: row upon row of grave upon grave—a lifestyle of dying.

Each day we are to experience Christ’s resurrection power in and through us. And that is why each day is comprised of a series of little deaths: trials, humblings, repentances, sacrifices. Resurrection is fueled death. If the Christian life is a long line of crosses, it is more accurately, a string of resurrections.

If Christ’s life is in us, then the path to that life lies in being a piñata. Death is now our friend.

“This book will bring you to life by putting you to death. It’s one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read in a long, long time.” — Mark Batterson author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

About the Author

About the Author

Rick James graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Fine Arts and worked as a writer and art director at Young & Rubicam, an advertising agency in New York City. Leaving Madison Avenue in 1988, Rick and his wife Katie joined the staff of Cru where he has served as Campus Director at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and for many years as Regional Director for the campus ministries of the Mid-Atlantic.

Rick currently serves as Publisher of CruPress and is responsible for writing and producing ministry resources for the Campus Ministry. Rick is also a traveling speaker for Cru, speaking on campuses and at conferences across the U.S.

Rick and Katie have three adult children and live in West Chester, PA.


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  • 272 pages
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Ministry Use:

This book is written for staff and leadership students. It is critical content for mature discipleship addressing issues of faith, discipleship, evangelism, and trials.


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