Books by our Friends | For The Next Generation

We have friends who are smart, attractive, and godly. They're also good writers. Here are their books.

Warrior in Pink

When young mother Vivian Mabuni was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before Christmas, she struggled to know how to respo...

$10.63 Full Description

Follow My Lead

Many followers of Jesus want to talk openly with others about faith in Christ but don’t know where to start. They want to spea...

$12.99 Full Description

My Imaginary Jesus

Imaginary Jesus is an hilarious, fast-paced, not-quite-fictional story that's unlike anything you've

$14.99 Full Description

Grace & Guts

Forgiveness is not tidy. It is messy. It is a gamble, but it's one worth taking. It's astounding how many people are dealing wit...

$13.99 Full Description

I’m Awkward, YouR...

Unconventionally humorous & motivating, this collection of stories encourages and equips the believer for missional living.

$12.99 Full Description

Night of the Living Dead C...

What does a transformed life actually look like? Matt Mikalatos tackles this question with monsters.

$ 14.99 Full Description

The Charlatan

The true story of one man’s incredible journey through skepticism to faith

$12.10 Full Description