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This Change Is Everything
The Hope and Future of Gospel Mission

By Shane Sebastian

In This Change Is Everything, Shane Sebastian walks through the history of God using young people to transform individuals, communities, cultures and nations. Shane shows how seemingly insurmountable obstacles—peer and parental approval, career concerns, debt, doubt, temptation, and the like—are not so much obstacles as opportunities to see God provide and pave a way for a changed life and changed world. This book sits at the threshold of what your life could be if you give God control and let him change you and use you to change others. Don’t read unless you’re willing to be challenged, to be changed, and to come to a crossroads where you seriously ask yourself how God wants you to change the world.

“Shane Sebastian has written a book about The Missing Beatitude from the eight Jesus gave in the Sermon on the Mount. The missing Ninth Beatitude is ‘Blessed are the World Changers.’ The Story of the Bible is of young people being “sent” by God to do great things beyond their abilities or even aspiration. To activate your ‘sentness’ as a world-changer, this is the book for you.”

—Leonard Sweet, Best-selling author, professor (George Fox University, Drew University), and founder of preachthestory.com.

“Research shows that most people who follow Jesus make that decision when they the young. The importance of reaching children at an early age cannot be overstated. Shane Sebastian’s book This Change is Everything shares how God has used young people throughout history to advance the Kingdom and helps us to not only understand the importance of reaching young people for Christ, but also to challenge our youth to reach out to their peers around the world and make a difference!”

—Josh D. McDowell, Author, Speaker

“For any student looking to live for the mission of God- this is the book you have been waiting for! A brilliant survey of the past and a compelling ‘how-to’ for future world changers.”

—Dr. Todd Ahrend, Founder, The Traveling Team

About the Author

About the Author

Shane Sebastian is the executive director of Cru Global Missions. His doctorate is from George Fox Evangelical Seminary and for the last 25 years Shane has ministered alongside college students from around the world, taking the gospel to the nations. He loves to surf, especially with his wife Laura and their four children. For more information visit ThisChangeIsEverything.com.


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