Leading A small group

The health and success of a ministry is hinged directly to the health and success of small groups. Our ministry is comprised of the building blocks of small groups. Considering the importance and complexity of the task it is disturbing to reflect on how little training small group leaders actually receive. And that is where this resource fits into the ministry.

The Ultimate Roadtrip was written to communicate all of the subtle, and not so subtle, nuances of leading a small group. It covers content, group dynamics, atmosphere, vulnerability and questions that help create a life-changing community. It fully equips the small group leader for the task they’ve been entrusted with and fills out the teaching with dozens of relatable stories and examples-good and bad.

Chapter Topics: Lesson Preparation, Lesson Content, Creating Community, Groups With a Purpose, The Right Questions, Facilitating Life Change, Common Roadblocks and Problems, Incorporating Outreach, and Qualities of a Successful Group Leader.


Product Details:

  • Softcover
  • 156 pages
  • ISBN 1563992493

Ministry Use:

As part of small group leader training, this should be required reading for both students and staff. This is how we, in the Campus Ministry, train Bible study and small group leaders.


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