Personal Discipleship Lessons

The Compass delivers an easy-to-follow discipleship curriculum, providing lesson plans on core biblical messages as well as basic ministry skills. You could look at The Compass as basic Follow-up appointments, 6-50.

The CD contains over 40 lessons to help prepare you for weekly appointments with your disciples. The curriculum is organized into 3 levels: Walk by Faith, Communicate Your Faith, and Multiply Your Faith.

Topics Include: Community, Prayer, Position in Christ, Assurance of Salvation, Sharing the Gospel, Filling of the Spirit, Confession, Obedience, Sanctification, Eternal Perspective, Justification by Faith, Spiritual Multiplication, How to Share
the Ministry of the H.S., How to Conduct Basic Follow-up, God’s Will, Scripture Memory, Time Management, and Sharing Your Testimony.

We’ve also included a number of additional resources. Not the least of which is a series of talks by Roger Hershey on discipleship. The Compass is also available on-line at:


Product Details:

  •  CD-ROM

Ministry Use:

The Compass is our ministry tool for one-on-one discipleship: a specific curriculum designed to produce a Christ-centered laborer. You would begin using on discipleship appointments after going through the Life Concept lessons.


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