We live in a visual culture. Because images connect deeply with our emotions and experiences, they also enable us to engage people in spiritual conversation on a deeper level.

In an easily transportable packet, Soularium provides fifty 4×6 original photographic images and five simple exploring questions that allow the user to engage in one-on-one spiritual conversations with non-believers.

The questions explore the desire of students for their spiritual journey and create many bridges to dialogue about Jesus. Staff and students have found that not only do they enjoy using it, but non-believers do as well.

Easy to use with random students, classmates, and friends. Responses can be entered online in a website ( that allows you (and the people you talk to) to discover what the trends are among students on your campus. The website is also linked to for further spiritual exploration.


Product Details:

  • Comes in plastic carrying case
  • Includes 50 full-color photographic images (4 x 6)
  • 25 business cards that direct to the website (
  • Exploring Questions guide
  • ISBN 1573340626

Ministry Use:

Though based on images instead of questions, Soularium is a survey tool. And like all survey tools it is used to initiate spiritual conversations with non-believers.


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