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The CoJourners Field Guide will provide you the principles and practices needed to enter into the spiritual journeys of others and help introduce them to Christ.

This resource is a comprehensive Field Guide—Book, Devotional, Journal, Workshop, and Workbook all-in-one. This is an extensive resource for teaching and training in personal evangelism—something every Christian student should experience.

Author Keith Davy’s expertise in biblical witnessing and conversational evangelism, along with his decades of research and development have gone into the creation of CoJourners. Distilled into this simple, biblical, and intuitive approach is Cru’s accumulated, practical experience in conversational presentations of the gospel. CoJourners is the perfect manual on how to naturally share your faith.

The central insight of CoJourners is understanding the roles (Explorer, Guide, Builder, and Mentor) we play in relating to others in their spiritual journeys. Assuming a role, we intuit what’s most appropriate, and that changes our methods entirely.

CoJourners is life-changing, re-orienting life around Jesus and his mission to seek and save those who do not know him. For those engaged in discipleship, CoJourners takes on the weight of teaching, training, and equipping others in ministry.

CoJourners: Everyone is on a spiritual journey. God is already at work. He wants to use you.

About the Author

About the Author

As Executive Director of Research and Development for Cru, Keith Davvy has helped spearhead innovation for more effective ministry in today’s rapidly changing cultural landscape. Having earned his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Magna Cum Laude), Keith has taught evangelism on both the collegiate and seminary level, been a frequent retreat and conference speaker, as well as a writer and an elder in his local church.


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Book with devotional journal and workbook. Hard Cover. Steel-Ring Binding. 7 x 5.75, 224 pages.

Ministry Use:

The CoJourners Field Guide is the principle resource for spiritual multiplication: a comprehensive resource for teaching, training, and practical engagement in evangelism and discipleship.