The CoJourners Field Guide provides intuitive principles and practices for entering into the spiritual journey of others and helping them come to Christ.

For those familiar with CoJourners, this is the long-awaited comprehensive Field Guide—Book, Devotional, Journal, Workshop, and Workbook all-in-one. It’s Cru’s new, comprehensive resource for teaching and training in personal evangelism—something every staff, intern, and student should experience.

For those engaged in discipleship, the CoJourners Field Guide takes on the weight of teaching, training, and equipping others to have their own personal ministry.

Few in the body of Christ have Keith Davy’s expertise in biblical witness and conversational evangelism and decades of research has gone into this Field Guide. Distilled down to a simple, biblical, and intuitive approach is an entire organization’s (Cru) accumulated wisdom and experience in conversational evangelism. This is what we do, and CoJourners is how we do it.

The central insight of CoJourners is understanding the roles (Explorer, Guide, Builder, and Mentor) we play in relating to others in their spiritual journeys. Assuming a role, we intuit what’s most appropriate and that changes out-reach entirely. CoJourners is tranformational, re-orienting all of life around Jesus and his heart to reach the lost and hopeless.

CoJourners. Everyone is on a spiritual journey; God is already at work; He wants to use you.


Product Details:

Hardcover book with Devotional Journal and Workbook

224 pages, Hard Cover, Steel Ring Binding, 7 x 5.75

Books come individually shrink-wrapped

Ministry Use:

The CoJourners Field Guide is the principle resource for spiritual multiplication: a comprehensive resource for teaching, training, and practical engagement in evangelism and discipleship.